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Engine fan control before start


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Is there a way to turn an engine fan on before the engine is started? Fan control works great when engine is running, but I'd like to either have a fan turn on due to temperature or via a switch before the engine starts. I have an extra dash switch which I can set to AC clutch and which will turn fans on/off while engine is running and below temperature limit, but I can't seem to make that switch turn the fans on before engine start.

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At the moment the engine fan function needs to see RPM before it will activate fans.  However you should be able to achieve what you want by setting the aux output up as an GP Aux rather than "engine fan".  You might need to add a virtual aux into mix so you have enough conditions to allow for proper temperature hysteresis as well as the dash switch. 

Let me know if you need some help to set it up.

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i use 1 fan PWM controlled and 1 fan by relay ON/OFF

I made a 3D table for the PWM fan RPMS vs ECT


But on 0rpm and 500rpm i set 0%, that AUX is set as GP OUTPUT PWM, if i set a % value on the coloms 0Rpm and 500Rpm, then the fan is running while engine is not started.


Like Adamw says : when selected Engine fan on a AUX, that fan will only be running when engine is started.


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