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G4+ v1-v2 subaru plugin ez30 swap?


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Hi there.

I have a g4+ v1 v2 plug in in a v1 legacy and I have an EZ30r that I want to shoehorn in there.

Now would it be feasible to run the two extra ignition and two extra injectors off an  xs loom?

I'm going to ditch the fly by wire throttle for a mechanical item any suggestions? I was thinking falcon or some such.

I don't know a lot about the triggering setup on the EZ or the knock sensor or TPS etc and Im toying with the idea of purchasing a stand alone ecu thinking that might be easier, neater and better than chopping up the plug in setup that I can use for another car.



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You could probably make the plugin work but its going to get tight with outputs and you will need to make quite a few changes to the wiring.  Maybe it will be better to consider a wire-in ecu.  Here is the basic changes from my quick look:

On the WRX V1-2 plugin Inj 5 & 6 drives are used for the fans, so you will have to move the fans to some other aux output - maybe inj 7&8 on the expansion connector.

Ign 5 & 6 arent available on this plugin so you will have to run wasted spark.

You will need 2 aux outputs to drive the AVCS and these will need to be from Aux 1-4 so you will have to move some things to free these up - maybe the idle valve.

Your ECU doesnt have a knock input.

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