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Closed Loop E-Throttle Does not work correctly


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On the 26th of May 2011 I had Robert from Riva Racing send me this email.

I just installed 4.7 and noticed that Closed Loop Idle Control was not available yet for E-throttle. Just curious, are you still testing it?

Robert Crain
Research & Development
Riva Racing


From Stephen the head engineer at the time


Its almost finished, its just I don't drive the car very often so development is slow. As you know this needs to be tested on the road and not on the bench. Craig has directed

me to get user CAN finished but I'll try and get a pre-release version to you before the end of the year.


From Ashley on the 19th of Spetember 2011

Hi Ray,

   Would you be interested in testing closed loop ethrottle idle control?  Trying to find as many vehicles to test it on to see if it needs more work or not.

Ashley Duncan

Unfortunately I did not have a car at the time that I could use to test the closed loop e-thottle.

22nd January 2016 I finaly had a car I could test it on and found it did not work correctly, so sent Ashley an email. This was the reply.

Hi Ray,

I actually don't know how that idle ethrottle control works.  I haven't looked before.  I did make the
speed lockout adjustable the other day and noticed that there are some conditions are 0 kph, some at 2kph, one
at 8 kph and one at 10 kph.  I think the ethrottle idle control is actually not very good at all and have it at
high priority to spend some time on.  Stephen did it quickly for his own car and never really finished it before leaving.

Ashley Duncan
Engineering Team Leader


As you can see from the above, the closed loop e-throttle control has never worked.I have asked many time since then for
it to be fixed and nothing has been done. The closed loop e-throttle control has never worked. For six years it has not worked correctly...


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Hi Ray

There have been a number of changes to the firmware since 4.7 (V series /G4 firmware)

Ashley is no longer with the company so unfortunately I can't chase him.

What are your complaints with it and what would you suggest is required to improve on it?



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The problem is stalling or almost stalling.

To make the closed loop work correctly I found that it hits the target rpm everytime, with zero for the PID and in the stall saver. By putting zero in the PID you are making it open loop. Add even a small amount of Proportional so the PID does something and it wants to stall. See attached logs and map.


P.S. I Challange you or anyone to post their map and data loggs showing it working correctly with more then zero in the Proportional.




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I have been running closed loop idle control for years on a V88 running a Ford Coyote V8. For Idle  I am running 2.6 proportional at 20C and 3.2 at 100C. Never a problem with stable idle. That was from all the way back in November 2013. I have included a .llg and a .pcl This log and .pcl was during cam testing so there is only a small portion of idle at the end. At that time I was running .1 in the proprtional settings. Unfortunately I cant currently grab another log as that car was sold and the engine is currently getting swapped into another car. 

Blaine Carmena

Carmena Performance



Working Cams.llg

Edited by blaine@carmenaperformance
Inserted wrong file
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Okay I've tested again with proportional gain table set to zero, and now the anti stall works. You can see it spike every once in a while to maintain idle. 

But it would be nice if it could work to maintain idle under changing conditions as well, in my case mainly alternator load requiring more power to idle on target. 


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