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Boost Solenoid and Tacho Output on Aux Ign 5 to 8


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I'm in the process of tidying up all my wiring while the engine is out of the car.

Got sick and tired of the entangled mess of wires and splices into the stock ECU harness that I have actually printed a PCB with proper header and connectors acting as a central hub for all my external input/outputs that routes everything to my MR2Link V2-3 plug-in ECU with the XS loom through the expansion connectors.

Originally the boost solenoid and tach output were connected to the Aux output through splices in the stock ECU harness and I planned to clean things up by relocating them to my custom hub. While looking through the help files today I have noted that certain Auxiliary Output channels can only be used with certain Functions and according to the table in the help file, Aux Ign 5 to 8, being the only output available on the expansion connectors on the MR2Link, do not support boost solenoid or tacho functions.

However when I open up menu for Aux Ign 5 to 8 in the PCLink software, it does allow me to assign boost solenoid or tacho functions to those outputs. I noted the output functionality documented in the help file was based on the older 5.4.3 firmware and was wondering whether newer firmware had enabled this or the output function in PCLink is actually false and the output would actually not function properly when boost or tacho is selected.

As the engine is out, I am unable to test the outputs and is hoping that I can find an answer here so that I can do all the re-wiring work correctly.

Thank you!

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