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3uzfe drive by wire (e throttle) & base map


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Wanting to use my G4 Xtreme (silver edition) to run my 3uzfe.

Can this ecu run Drive by wire (e throttle) or will I need to fit a cable throttle body?

Also does anyone have a base map for a 3uzfe I can load before taking car to a tuner?

In PC link I see there is a map for 1uzfe vvti but not the 3uzfe. 




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Your ECU will do the E-throttle.  For the base map the 1UZ will be the best we can offer.  I think from memory however the trigger pattern is different on the 3UZ but I cant find any info on it right now.  It is a holiday in NZ today so @Simon might confirm tomorrow if he knows.

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We believe the 3UZ trigger pattern is the same as the 1UZ, so our base map should be a reasonably good starting point.  You will need to confirm offset with a timing light and probably need to mess with Master fuel but I would expect thats about all it will need to run.

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