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Accelerator pedal


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I've converted my Audi S6 from wire throttle body to an ETC. I've used a Volvo throttle body and a accelerator pedal from an Citroen C5 (Bosch 0280 752 241). Now I having some issues with the voltage output from the pedal from both main and sub. The voltage goes from about 0,2 V to 0,4 V from closed to fully open throttle. As I've now understand, but not absolutely sure, the pedal could be equiped with a hall sensor instead of as a traditional potentiometer. Is it possible to get it to work if the pedal is equiped with hall sensor with my Link Fury?



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Yes both types should work the hall type has the same output but it is contactless so its life span will be much better.

I would suspect a wiring issue as unlike a potentiometer the polarity will be more critical.

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