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Monsoon fuel pump not priming


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Hi guys my name is Curtis.  I've just installed and wired up a new G4+ Monsoon to a KP61 starlet with a 4agze swap.  I'm using dual pumps and a surge tank.  Pump 1 feeds from the tank to the surge and pump 2 surge to rail.   I'm not using any pump controller.  Relays are set up so that pump 1 12v out feeds the pump 2 relay control 12v. I'm just starting the testing phase before starting the car.  The problem I'm having is fuel pump 1 isn't priming. I can run the test mode and the pump works fine. But with test mode off when I turn ignition on it doesn't activate the pump signal.   Thanks in advance . 

Dave starlet 4agze G4+ Monsoon.pclr

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Your map has 2 aux outputs assigned to fuel pump, Aux 5 & Ign 3..  That does not work - you can have only one aux assigned to fuel pump.  Usually only the last one assigned will work. 

If you want the second aux to just mirror what the fuel pump aux 5 is doing then set up Ign 3 as a GP Outpu like below.  Ign 3 will then just do exactly what aux 5 does.  Another option is to save yourself a precious aux output by connecting both pump relays to the same aux. 



Edit, added later:  Also I just noticed you have 2 aux outputs assigned to ISC Solenoid, this wont work either.  If you have a 3 wire valve then Aux 1 needs to be set to "ISC Sol. Slave"

Also: Gear shift control is set to be activated by DI1 which you have assigned as anti-theft.  I suspect Gear shift control should be turned off.  It looks like our base map has gear cut turned on by default so that is probably easy to miss and shouldnt be like that.  I will get that fixed for future versions. 

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ISC note added.
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