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Transparent Views and Layout Backgrounds


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I have a screen set up in my car as a HUD of sorts. It would be really cool if there were capability to set up a theme/layout where each page (or all pages while the theme is active) could have an actual image set as the background and all the View elements could be set to transparent.This way, we could have the text data displaying over the top of an image which could be customised to the users preference. As an example - I want to do up a CAD-style image of my car and overlay the data in relevant areas. Basically it would end up being your "vehicle plan" view (which is really cool btw) on crack. :) 

No concerns here about image scaling - I will happily do it myself!

This be my wish upon a star.


I will also take this opportunity to express how happy I am with your software in its current form. It has a great layout, its highly customisable, and it looks really really nice compared to a lot of others on the market. I continue to be really happy I decided to go with Link as my first platform. :D

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