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Connecting Asus Zen to G4+ in fd3s


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Hey guys. I'm looking to connect my asus to my link and have downloaded the torque app and have a cable to connect between the 2. What else do I need to do to get them to communicate please?

Also the link had an issue running my omp. Kept on coming up with out of range errors. Limiting to 2.5k Eventually had to switch it off and run full premix for now!


Thanks in advance for any help





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Hi James

You might have to go through the full OMP set up below.

The Torque app is geared to use OBD so you will need to wire the CAN wires from the ECU to a OBD plug information on this can be found in the PC link help file

Navigation:  Wiring Information > Communication Wiring >ECU to OBD-II Port Wiring


Metering Oil Pump Control Setup


1.Wire the metering oil pump stepper motor to Auxiliary channels 5, 6, 7 and 8.  Wire one winding to Aux 5 and Aux 6.  Wire the other winding to Aux 7 and Aux 8.  Wire the centre tap of both windings to the engine management power supply.  Refer to the Six Terminal Stepper wiring diagram found in the ECUs wiring and installation manual for more information. Note that it may be necessary to swap the wiring of Aux 5 and Aux 6 later if the motor rotates in the wrong direction.
2.Wire the position feedback to an Analog Input.  Note that the position sensor must also be wired to the ECUs sensor ground and +5V output.  The position signal must have a lower voltage (about 0.8V) when the pump provides minimum oil flow.  The position signal must have a higher voltage (about 4V) when the pump provides maximum oil flow.
3.Configure Auxiliary Outputs 5, 6, 7 and 8 to Rotary Oil Pump.
4.Set Stepper Type to Unipolar (6 Terminal).
5.Configure the Analog Channel wired to the position signal to Rotary OilP Posn.
6.Calibrate the Analog Channel to read 0-100% over the motors travel:
1.Watch the appropriate analog channel voltage in the Analog Inputs runtime values.
2.Set the Stepper Calibration (Found in the Aux 8 menu) setting to Off.
3.Set the Stepper Calibration setting to Fully Closed.  This will cause the motor to be driven fully closed.  The analog channel should go to a low voltage (about 0.8V).  Write this voltage down for later use.
4.Set the Stepper Calibration setting to Fully Open.  This will cause the motor to be driven fully open.  The analog channel should go to a high voltage (about 4V).  Write this voltage down for later use.
5.Set the Stepper Calibration setting to Off.
6.Select an unused sensor calibration.  This must be either Cal 4, Cal5 or Cal 6.  These are found in the Analog Inputs.  Setup as follows:
·Output Units = %
·Input Value A = The lower voltage written down above.
·Output Value A = 0%
·Input Value B = The higher voltage written down above.
·Output Value B = 100%
7.Set the analog channels function to Rotary OilP Posn.  Select the sensor calibration you used as the calibration option.
8.You can now use the Stepper Calibration function to test the OilP Position value ranges from 0-100% if required.
1.Set Up the Oil Flow Table.  The Rotary Oiler/CL Stepper table must be setup to deliver the correct oil volume over the operating range.  A number of 0% means no oil is delivered.  A number of 100% means maximum oil delivery.  The actual numbers required must be setup by the tuner and are dependent on the engine build and oil used.  Use the Axis setup menu (press X or Y) to configure the X and Y axis of the table.
2.Observe the Metering Oil Pump Control is working.  Watch the analog inputs OilP Position value to ensure that it tracks the numbers entered in the table.  Alter the number in the tables active cell and watch the closed loop control alter the motors position to match the table.


Metering Oil Pump Control Status


  The oil metering pump control function monitors the state of the closed loop control.  If it detects that the motor can not reach its target position within a preset time a fault condition is indicated.  The Rotary Oiler/CL Stepper Limit status can be found under the Limits runtime values.


  Warning: When a fault is detected with the metering oil pump control system engine speed is limited to 2000 RPM.


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