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2.5 MAP spec


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Can't you just use a GP PWM table and populate accordingly?

Actually I have just reminded myself that G4 and G4+ are different (G4 can't have a table of frequencies on GP PWM), so:

- if you want a PW output, use GP PWM

- if frequency, perhaps configure as a speedo output?  [won't work - what was I thinking]

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Yes, it is not clear what Jason is wanting to achieve in this post but he did PM me some more info.  I will reply here for others interest.

I think he actually wants an analog voltage output to drive an electronic boost gauge in a Porsche.  So yes, PWM via a low pass RC network would probably do it.  The only problem I see is the ECU aux output is pulled high to 12V so if the boost gauge is expecting a 0-5V signal then there is potential it could see a full 12V under certain conditions and then the smoke would be released.  You might want a voltage divider in that circuit too... 

Jason to answer your question about PWM frequency - Aux 1-4 can do 4000Hz max, Aux 5-8 can do 300Hz max. 

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