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Subaru V7 idle issues


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i recently purchased a G4+ and had it installed and tuned in My V7 subaru. 

I'm finding the idle control is not great. It's very high 1100ish. I want it around 650-700 with a idle up for the A/C and fans as that's how the factory ecu was. 

The tuner has set the idle to 950 at running temp but when I try to put in a lower rpm target it has no effect. The ISC base position has been set to 30 at running temp scaling back from 55 @-30 ECT.  The a/c step up idle has been set to 15 in all ECT's and the anti stall gain has been set to 8 across all ECT's. The Derivative gain is 2 - 2.5  

Any help would be great. I would really like the idle to be lower and perform well during a/c and fans . 



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First step will be to put the ISC to open loop mode and then adjust the duty cycle to see the effect. You can then take it down to say 10% and idle should be very low.

If there is no change then it becomes a case of finding where the air is getting in from. 

I would suggest reading through the help file of PC link too

Navigation:  G4+ ECU Tuning Functions > Idle Speed Control > Closed Loop ISC




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