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"Trigger Arming threshold and Filtering Level" meaning


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I would like to ask the meaning of Trigger filtering level.
In help online is a sentence to explain it "Some trigger signals contain a large amount of high frequency interference and electrical noise,..................".

Trigger arming hold is the threshold which direct variation with trigger voltage. 
But, i don't get the main idea of filtering level.
Level 1-4 are low-pass filter or anything else?

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Filter level is a adjustable low pass filter higher the filter level the lower the max frequency.

Generally level 1 filter is best as the need for higher filter levels generally points to other noise issues that are best to be fixed rather than relying on filtering to resolve.


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I don't actually know the cut off points but on a 60-2 trigger on level 4 filter you would be lucky to get to 7000rpm.Generally you want level 1 filtering when ever possible . Only increasing if trying to combat trigger errors

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