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G4+ Plug in Evo 1-3


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hi All here are some question I wana ask please help me on this thanks 

- Evo 1-3 plug in ecu can be used for 4G 91-93 GSR turbo engine right ? I mean plug n play the ecu socket without modifying 

- how to convert MAF to Map ? As I understood plug in ecu with onboard 4 bar map sensor built in. Where is the vacuum line that located in ecu plug in ? I can't find it 




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Regarding the second part of your question if it is a Plug-in Ecu the map sensor is built in to the ecu board,

(new if possible)  vacume line from this Map sensor is in most cases runn through the fire wall to the engines intake plenum,
connection to the intake plenum (arfter the TB) should be made towards the rear of the plenum, but where best practical.

NOT on a single intake runner per-say

Also would avoid making T connections in to this map sensor line - this may save issues from arising in the future

You can remove your MAF And use the wiring for example your boost control solenoid

one the ecu is installed to links guide links and all practical steps have been taken you can go online with the ecu and Load one of links base maps that they have pre configured for factory cars

further calibrations and setting changes may need to be made dependant

PClinks readme file is very extensive in all of the above and further more and should be taken note of


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Thanks reply. Rgding the map sensor I'm still not fully understood. Let's say now the stock engine is using MAF with stock ecu. If I change to plug in ecu, what I gona do with the MAF wire n sensor ? Leave it there.. or need to disable it with any wire cutting on the MAF. Pls guide me.

As u have said, the ecu itself has onboard 4 bar map sensor it means I don't need to get vacuum line from intake to activate the map sensor function ? I'm new in this link. Thanks for ur time sir :)

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