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Trigger pull up resistor value


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I am running a G4+ plugin (MR2Link V2-3) and is in the process of removing the distributor and installing my own cam/crank sensor system.

I'll be using cherry GS100701 hall sensors which accepts 5 to 24V and is deciding on whether I should be using 5 or 12V as the supply voltage. Specification sheet of the GS100701 sensor have included a recommended pull-up resistor table for different supply voltages (5V - 1K and 12V - 2.4K) and I was going to select the supply voltage based on the resistance of the built in pull-up resistor. However, I cannot seem to find any information on the pull-up resistor used on the G4+ for trigger inputs.

Does anyone have the resistor value so that I could work out the supply voltage to be used?

Thank you!

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I've had a quick look at our schematic and its fairly complicated so I dont understand all of it but it looks to me like the pull-up on the triggers is probably 4K7.

What I can tell you with more confidence though is the stock G4+ pullup will work perfectly fine with that sensor, I have used them many times.  Power it from 12V.

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