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Trigger Type and Trigger Signal Question


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i am new to link ecu's, i am experienced but on another ecu brand...i have a couple of question about trigger type and trigger signal

i am building a Fiat engine that trigger pattern on crank and cam is the same as subaru old models...thats why i am thinking to go for a link ecu

i post a crankshaft image from the fiat

1) is it possible to run subaru 1-6 trigger setup but without the cam signal ? (i just want to keep it simple with wasted spark and batch on injectors)

2) is it possible to share the signal from fiats reluctor crank sensor to both fiat ecu and the link ecu as i want to keep fiat ecu to run the dashboard with the canbus etc ?




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The subaru trigger mode will need both crank and cam sensor to be happy.

Sometimes sharing trigger signals can be a problem and you often wont know until you try.  Some OEM ecus will have a pull up or some capacitance etc in the trigger circuit that will distort the waveform too much to allow it to be used.  Sometimes it will work fine at low RPM then become a problem at higher RPM.

Our Kurofune ECU is designed to be more compatible in this scenario as it has "differential" trigger inputs but it would still be difficult to guarantee since it is not a common engine.

Worst case is you will have to attach an extra/independent trigger wheel on the front pulley to run the Link, leave the rear one there to keep the OEM ecu only.

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thanks for the quick answer...just check the manual about differential trigger on kurofune...ok thats an option...or i can go totally standalone with just link ecu wired up...and i will use aftermarket rpm gauge

but now the problem is that subaru 1-6 trigger pattern cant work without cam signal....so i need to wire up cam trigger too, i think its the same too with subaru cam trigger...i need to check

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