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Can't connect to ECU (WRX4+) via PCLink


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As title, I haven't been able to connect to the ecu on PCLink, it power up and still runs the car etc. I have tried un-installing/re installing, drivers etc and have just tried a second laptop with a fresh copy and I still can't connect


any ideas?




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Main things would be making sure the ECU has a full 12V supply and the green LED is coming on on the board.

Check the CANPCB (200mm) cable is fully inserted in to the connector on the ECU and its terminals are seated correctly in the plug.

Also make sure the ECU is showing in device manager and has no warnings.

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Green LED is coming on and is showing in device manager, all drivers up to date which is what led me to believe initially it was a software problem but PClink recognises that it cannot connect to the ecu even though something is there. I'll have another nose at the cable, last time I checked all pins were seated and plug in there solid etc. 


Ill have another go later, thanks :)

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If you try to run firmware update (this can be done with out PC link being able to connect) what happens?

Also you could try powering the ECU up on the bench with just power and ground to see if that will let you connect.

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