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variable boost map with fixed first gears


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So, i've been trying to figure this out:


I would like to have a boost map that would allow me to vary the boost pressure between certain values with an analog input, while maintaining the same boost profile for the first 3 gears where i'm the most traction limited.

currently my boost target is a non linear ramp that takes into consideration the turbo characteristics to try avoid breaking traction, and the first 3 gears are also limited to lower boost levels. 

Only way i could figure out to set a variable boost table is to dedicate one of the inputs for a pot and use that as an axis for the boost map, however the gear limit seems to be just percentage, which will not work.

depending on the conditions the torque difference that i can support from 4th gear onward will make it impossible to use a fixed ratio to change the first gears. 

what i would need in a sense is a 4d boost target table for which i could set the axis as the analog in and gear, or something to this effect.

any pointers? Maybe i could use a dual table setup where the first table would be guided by a virtual aux that would change if the gear is > 3 ?  i'll try this one out first ..

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yeah i recon this will work. dual boost tables, first one has gear vs rpm as axis with the required boost curves and max boost for each gear, second one has analog input vs rpm as axis with the min and max boost setup for 0 and 5volts.

the selection of the boost map is chosen with virtual aux which will become active if gear > 3. 


like so



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