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RPM dampening

Ken Dunkley

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Hi - i have a particularly cammy engine and at cruise rpm ( about 2000rpm  and -30kpa ) the rpm jumps between fuel cells unnecessarily imo . I have mechanically dampened the map sensor with a restrictor and   that is stable .  Is there any way to dampen rpm readings ?

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Although you can actually filter RPM, it wouldnt normally be recommended.  I dont see why you wouldnt actually want the fuel table to be using the correct cell for the RPM it is operating at? 

There is linear interpolation between cells so assuming both cells are tuned correctly and there isnt a large change in VE at that specific point then it shouldnt make any difference "bouncing between cells".  

If you really dont want it moving between two cells then my suggestion would be to change your table axis breakpoints so they are wider and the boundary isnt centred right on the lumpy area.

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