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Help with Home Trig Sync on Mx5/Monsoon

Heath Lewis

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Howdy All,

I have just completed the install of a Monsoon on a BP 1.8 turbo and it's now on the key and running fabulous considering we have just started out tuning.

I have a question however regarding the setting up of the crank angle sensor.

This vehicle was running a first version of the Wolf 3D when we started working on it and the factory NA Mx5 CAS had been fitted with a different disc with only four large holes at 90 degree intervals and was only wired with a single trigger output.

The new set up is running Toyota 1NZFE COP units so I changed out the disc for one with a single home (sync) slot and the 4 main triggers.

The problem is that the factory adjustment slot in the cas is about 45 degrees away from being able to be bolted back onto the cylinder head. I cannot find anything in the trigger set up menus where I can adjust the home trigger angle. Is this possible to do on the Link ECU's or am I going to have to come up with some creative way to lock the CAS in this non standard position?

Thanks in advance.

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If you are currently using the “1 tooth/tdc” trigger mode then there is no trigger offset setting available.  However you can instead use “multitooth” mode which will allow you to adjust the trigger offset.  You will find this offset setting under >triggers>calibrate>set bad timing.

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