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Turbo speed sensor to limit boost?


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I have a somewhat small turbo for my engine and I have put a turbo speed sensor on it.  


Its a 2.5L 1jz with an efr 7163 and the efr turbo sensor feeding into the thunder ecu.  


Is there a way to limit the boost table for turbo speed to prevent overspinning the turbo?  


I already have the boost control interpolating between two tables for my boost position switch. 

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Current setup is closed loop with engine RPM vs TPS.  Its interpolating between two maps from an AEM position sensor.


I have not yet tuned the boost control beyond wastegate pressure so im pretty open to suggestions but would like to keep the AEM position sensor for different boost levels.


Ideally, it would be a user configurable trim table similar to the engine ECT trim where I can trim back boost control based on the frequency of the sensor.

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If you set up turbo speed to replace the RPM axis on the target table you could then trim the target based on the turbo RPM.

The catch with this is that it has to be turbo speed (RPM) the table will not accept a frequency input direct.

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