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AEM Smart coil wiring

David SR20VET

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Hi Gents

I recently purchased a Link G4 storm ECU and am in the process of wiring it all up. I have hit a stubbling block that hopefully one of you can help me with. I have a set of AEM 30-2853 coils wired in an upon trying to test the ignition there is no spark or pulsing of the coils.

The wiring has been done as follows:

Pin A - Coil trigger from the ECU

Pin B - Sensor ground

Pin C - Ground to the head

Pin D -Battery negative

Pin E - Switched 12V from a relay

The output from the ECU (A) seems to be 6V when ignition on and rises to 12V when testing through PC link.

Has anyone had a similar issue to this previously?

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Your wiring sounds correct.  Normally the ecu ign output will be about 6V for the dwell period and 0V for spark.  So it should be outputting 0V most of the time when ignition is on.  

Are your ignition outputs definitely assigned as ignition and not auxiliaries?  Can you post your map so I can take a look?

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Hi Adam

Thanks for the response. I think the ignition outputs are assigned correctly. I used a S14-S15 base map were I have reassigned auxillaries but I haven't reassigned any ignition drives.

I have attached the start up map that you can have a look through. There are a few other questions that I will post in seperate threads as I have a few other queries as well regarding the setup.

Start up map 23.10.2017.pcl

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I see you have Digital input 1 assigned to "dual ECU", this could certainly put the ignition outputs in an odd state so turn that off.

That function is designed for aircraft where you have 2 ecus for redundancy - the ignition channels would be put into a floating state so as to not interfere with the second ecu taking control.

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You can turn on the "dual fuel table"  (under fuel corrections folder) if you want two fuel maps. 

However you shouldnt need two separate maps just for a change in boost pressure, you would normally have MAP or MGP already as one axis of the fuel table so the same fuel table should cover any boost pressure - you just need to make sure all cells that the engine can hit during high boost or low boost settings are all tuned.

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