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MINI R53 Inlet Air Temp Sensor Type


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I just fired my new MINI R53 with G4+ MINILINK.  I made a bunch of changes to the base map to suit the new motor configuration.  Car starts and idles fine.  Have done some no load ring breakin.  Been verifying sensor reading and will start tuning Knock Control next.

The base map uses Analog Temp #2 as Inlet Air Temp with Sensor Type set to Std Bosch NTC.  I believe this is incorrect.  With the car sitting cold.  The ECT sensor and 4 EGT sensors read 24C while the IAT sensor reads 11C.  Would trying the Bosch 0 280 130 017 work better, does anyone have a cal file, or do I need to create my own?


BMW MINI 031 2nd Fire Up Tune.pclr

log 2017-10-25 639pm.llg

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Usually the "Std Bosch NTC" calibration is correct for these.  I would expect it to read close to the ECT if it had been sitting for more than 24hrs.  EGTs are not accurate enough to use as a comparison.

For a quick calibration check you could remove the TMAP and dip the end in a cup of ice water and a cup of boiling water.

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