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3 stage injection


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Auxiliary Injection

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The Auxiliary Injection function allows Fuel Injection Drives 5-8 to be used for the controlled driving of additional injectors.  Additional injectors may be used for the addition of fuel, nitrous or water.  This is achieved by providing four independently configurable auxiliary injection channels.  These channels have their outputs phased to engine position so will deliver one pulse per engine cycle.  Each channel has a 3D table for tuning.


The Auxiliary Injection Function also allows up to six stages of staged injection.  Refer to the staged injection section for information on the first two stages of staged injection.



Setup Notes


WARNING: ONLY USE IGNITION LIMITING WHEN AUXILIARY INJECTION IS ACTIVE. This is because fuel limiting mode only cuts Auxiliary Injection channels setup for Primary or Secondary injection.

· Injectors wired to Auxiliary Injection drives should have their driving mode and currents configured in the Injector Setup menu.
· This function requires Fuel Injection Drives 5-8 so is not available on all Link ECUs.
· All Auxiliary Injection channels are OFF when the engine speed is 0.


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