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Genuine MAP Sensor?


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Hi Guys,

I just bought this from a local e-retailer. It was advertised as a Link 4bar MAP Sensor (MAP4). It came in that generic plastic packaging you can see on the left and has no branding, packaging, or label anywhere. The physical appearance of the sensor is similar to your own but thats where the similarities end. 

While I am not concerned about all the 'frills', I am concerned about the quality of the sensor itself, and your reputation. I dont want to waste my time installing it if its not the real deal. I realise that just about everything is a re-brand/re-badge job these days and that these may indeed be your sensors without the branding on it. If thats the case fine, if not, I will probably be asking for a refund as it is false advertisement and inferior quality. 

Thanks in advance.

map sensor.jpg

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