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Honda H22 plug-in Hc96 NO START !!!


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Hello everyone, I'm new to link ecu.  I have a problem with my setup I can not engine start, just backfiring in the exhaust.

My setup.

H22a turbo with id1700x an coils on plug k20.

Test one by one each injector and each coil and everything works correctly in the test mode. The engine worked correctly with the ecu oem. so I rule out any mechanical problem.

Adjust the offset trigger to set the ignition. but it does not start.

I have a doubt I can start the ignition with two different offset +240 and -120º.

Is this normal or is there something wrong?

The engine makes the attempt to start but it does not start and when I release the key it hits a very strong backfiring ... attached calibration map that I use.

I wait for your answer, thanks for everything



HONDA H22 1050X 6466 30PSI.pclr

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With coil on plug there is only going to be one offset that will allow the engine to run. If you are 360 out it will be firing on the exhaust stroke.

On the K20 coils make sure you have set the spark edge as falling (not rising as would be used for a distributed Honda)

Also check that all the cylinders are firing at the correct time.

Do you have any trigger errors while cranking? Is the RPM reading correct?


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if it reads 200rpm when cranking..

How do I know that the -120 or 240 of the offset corresponds to the compression stroke?

The coils work perfectly in falling edge. Tested one to one in test mode.

No trigger errors while cranking.

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Trial and error to confirm the timing in one it will give no sign of running in the other it should get close to firing or actually run if the fuelling is good.

The 200RPM and No trigger errors is a very good sign that it should be close to being able to fire up.

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Hi. I already start the engine. The Honda H22a use a 0 degrees and 260º trigger offset and 60ms.

It was about 10 seconds and it stopped. Take out the spark plugs and they were super wet with fuel.

I currently use master fuel 18ms , I think it may be too much for my injectors.
Could you tell me that master fuel is right choice for 1065cc injectors to have a base to start tuning ?
thank very much for your help.


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