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TI 150 PSI oil pressure sensor Wiring


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Hey guys,

My oil pressure sensor has 3 pins on the diagram it says they require   0V (GND),      0.5V to 4.5V Signal,       +5V .

0V (GND) :   I'm guessing here , this is not required as ECU has sensor GND ?

0.5V to 4.5V Signal  :  Will be any unused 0-5V Input from sensor or external controller   (Analogue Volt # )  Required

+5  :   On the installer I/O Table it shows only one wire for this for either TPS or MAP sensors currently being used as on Map sensor is this the wire required for the oil pressure sensor

or is there another wire I can use.            Using a G4 Extreme.

Appreciate any help with this. 

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You will need all three wires connected.

The signal goes to any spare AN Volt input. 

The 0V goes to the sensor ground/"gnd out" pin.  This wire will already go to your temp sensors and MAP etc so you have to splice into that.

The +5 will go to the same 5v wire that powers your MAP.  You need to splice into this wire.



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Hi I’m looking at buying the nzefi 3 pin oil pressure sensor for my rb set up as I have no oil pressure gauge with my factory loom ,I’m running it external on a gauge atm , but I’d like to wire it into my loom what goes to my blue plug g4+ it has 3 wires were do those 3 wires exactly go ? I have the new aim link 1.2 dash display and would like it showing on that so need to get the sensor installed and wired 

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