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Audi TTlink laptop connection


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Hi guys,

thought this is rather strange. I have an Audi TTlink plugin (only have 2 ports, one for pclink  and can) and whenever the can lambda is connected, it won’t connect to the PClink. Disconnect it and it will connect to PClink

I’ve set up can lambda, it detected it etc etc but soon after it will disconnect ecu. 

Any ideas?









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The cable that you are connecting to the CAN port must have more than just the two CAN wires inside.  If it has the RS232 wires connected to the CAN plug then it will interrupt Laptop connection.  The general recommendation it to use the "CANF" plug and connect only the two CAN wires.  If you are using for instance the "CANDASH" cable that has both RS232 and CAN wires connected and will cause this problem.

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thanks for the reply Adam, I've added photos. As you can see there's only 2 ports.


So what is the connection between the 2 ports that can cause the PClink port not work? Couldnt find a schematic/diagram that shows the 2 ports. 

Ive used a spare PClink cable(as shown in the photo), and im not trying to use power from that cable and its separated as instructed. However as mentioned earlier, when its connected, PClink wont connect. Is it because the pinouts of the PClink cable be different?


So what is the best solution to this Adam? I also have a CANPCB cable which was redundant as it turn out I can't open up(rather wouldnt dare lol)the ECU as its sealed. Would really appreciate your instruction/guidance to sort this issue.











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The CAN port has both CAN and RS232 connections in the same plug.  Anything connected to the RS232 pins will upset the PC Comms.  Im not sure where those instructions on your phone screenshot came from but they dont appear to be ours and it is a bit ambiguous.



There are a few options to solve your issue:

  1. You can cut your current cable down so it is less than about 200mm long, then there wont be enough capacitance to trigger the RS232.  From there only extend just the two needed CAN H/CAN L wires. 
  2. Get rid of the current cable, run just the CAN H/ CAN L wires to ECU and solder on a CANF plug. You can get that from a Link dealer or search a local electronics supplier for "AU-06BFFA-LL7001"
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Sorry for the no reply as I got very busy. 

I took your advise and went with suggestion 2. 

It wouldn’t connect at all. Check for power all the way to can lambda controller plug -ok.

i could feel the sensor being warm too. 

However it just would not want to connect. Used your diagram for can high and low wires, even swapped them around just in case and still wouldn’t wanna connect. 

Checked for continuity for all wires from CANF plug to controller plug, all good. 



Stuff’d controller ? 











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On 8/14/2018 at 9:38 PM, TechDave said:

Did you install a 120 Ohm terminating resistor?

The CAN-Lambda Manual is available at the bottom of this page:

It includes a specific diagram on wiring a CAN-Lambda.

Hi Dave, thank you for the reply. No I didn’t as a friend had a longer loom than mine on an Evo worked without one. 

My loom is about 20cm if not less. My understanding is you need that resistor if the loom is long?  I suppose it’s worth a try as it’s not hard to do. I just ran out of ideas. 

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