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Fury tuning and communications port simultaneously


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I have found when I plug the candash cable into my Fury it disables the tuning port. Is there any way around this? Running a perfect tuning gauge from the communications port and USB from the tuning port.  




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Yes, the CANDASH cable is the wrong cable for a CAN only device as it also has RS232 wires inside, this is what upsets the PC Comms.  So there's a few things you can do:

  1. Cut your candash cable so it is less than about 200mm, then the RS232 wires wont be long enough to cause the interuption.  Only extend the CAN H/CAN L wires.
  2. Use a CANF plug instead and only connect the two CAN wires.
  3. You have CAN2 available on the "B" connector - so you can avoid the round plug altogether and go straight into the main connector.
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