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Hi there to all of of you

i have a problem with my ecu...

i have a Forester Subaru 2.5 XT.

I am running the G4+ plug and play...

from the first start up the car was very difficult to adjust the E throtle...

but the serious problem that occurred is the fault code 73 Aux 9/10 supply error. (Volt 10-APS MAIN)

Does anyone know what it is??

it did 3 times and i am loosing the accelerator pedal... i have to turn on and off the engine to start again.. could it be a mechanical problem or ecu problem? i have done all the necessary tests. And it did it again when i was trying to accelerate under high load.

could it be the ecu ??

Thank you in advance




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Thanks for your reply. 

I will send you that. 

But I think I found it...

It stops the relay under heavy load and after all the logs that I 've dine I saw that i have a fault code 75 

Meaning that the tps was out of limit. 

I redid the tps calibration and it shows that works fine now. 

I will check again and I will let you know.

Thank you very much for your help. 

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