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Evo 8 flex fuel set up


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I picked up a 2003 evo 8 and it came with a link g4+ ecu. I have no knowledge about aftermarket ecu's. I want to run a flex fuel set up and I want to make sure I have everything before I take it to get tuned. I know I need a flex fuel sensor but I'm not sure what else is needed/not needed. I've seen flex fuel kits that come with the wiring and everything for the stock ecu but I'm not sure if it's different for the g4+. Do I need a harness for the flex fuel sensor? And where does it plug into? I'll be running speed density and was told I only need the intake air temp sensor and I don't need the 4bar map sensor because it's built into the ecu? Any help would be greatly appreciated so I can start ordering parts

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Your ecu will have two expansion connectors inside the case, you will need to buy an "expansion loom" from a Link dealer to access these extra inputs.  The part number is #XSL:  http://dealers.linkecu.com/XSL_2

You will plug that into expansion connector 1:


The Flex sensor needs a ground, an ignition switched +12V supply and a Digital input.  The Expansion loom will give you the ground and the DI (suggest DI7 or 8).  You will have to find the 12V supply from somewhere else in the car.



Correct that the ECU already has a 4Bar MAP sensor on board.  You will need an IAT but check that may have already been fitted if the car is already a driver.



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