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RB26 series 2 coilpacks built in Ignitior


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Hi i am wiring up Xtreme g4+ to ca18det, i planned on using RB26 coilpacks specifically the series 2 with buit in ignitors, trying to keep it cheap and coilpacks that sit under the cover. 

Now im a little confused as looking at other direct spark coilpacks they have a ecu/ground reference 4 wire, the r34 coil packs have 3 pins. Plan is to keep it simple and neat install without the need for coil driver/Ignitior. 

Other thing i will be using the the ca18 injectors to begin with witch are peak and hold, i am right in saying the xtreme  (black) is capable without the need for ballast resisters. 

Sorry if this is dumb qestion i just need some clarify.

Kind Regards 

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Nissan twin cam coil packs ground the high current side through the coil pack body (transformer core) to the head.

They have a high current 12V supply, ECU trigger reference and a low current ground through the plug.

Those injectors should be fine, they should be around 4 ohms?

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