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Help setup Anti Lag on G4 storm running wastespark

Scott Johnson

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Hi Im wanting to try out anti lag on my supra 7mgte g4 storm ecu running wastespark. I plan on doing it group N style as I don't have an e throttle and really not sure how often id use it so don't really want to invest much money in it.

So ive already cracked the throttle open a bit (idles about 4500 with cyclic off) and have set up the cyclic idle and have a switch wired to the ecu (DI3) to turn the anti lag on/off. But I have been told to be careful using this on wastespark set up so currently the rest of the settings are base/zeroed so all that happens is if you rev it will hold a high idle and be under vacuum.

Is this something I can play with myself or is there certain things id need to monitor (dyno) Ive done the launch control myself in the past but thats just basically turn it on. Does anyone have any base settings for me to try? feel free to tell me not to touch this and just take it to a shop but I do like to try do as much as I can by myself.

Ill attach a file of the current save

Cheers Scott

7m antilag file.pcl

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With wasted spark you just cant go too extreme with retard, say dont go more than about 20ATDC.  The example settings in the help file will be a reasonable starting point.

Note you will have no vacuum for brakes and no engine braking effect so be aware of that.

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I tried it as it was -50 values poped and built some boost didn't see how much (should have turned on logging) tried -30 values and isc overide off and just held a high idle turned the overide back on pretty sure no change then changed values to -40 again held about 2 psi boost and pooped a nice flame im pretty limited by noise control and doing it at my house now Ill take it somewhere else now to finish it so as not to annoy the whole subdivision


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Im not sure what you are trying to achieve?  It seems like you think anti-lag and cyclic idle are the same thing?  They are actually mutually exclusive.  Usually anti-lag is engaged in over-run conditions (gear changes, throttle lift off, etc) and is used to keep the turbo near full speed.  I will copy/paste an explanation:


When the engine RPM falls below the "AL enable RPM", then anti-lag turns off and cyclic idle turns on.  Cyclic idle is just used to bring the RPM down to an acceptable idle level - its role is not to create boost.


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