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Temp correction built into Modelled equation


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Hi , 

Quick question.

Am I correct in thinking that Charge Temp Estimate is the T in m=PVM/RT, so IAT correction table should be switched off in modelled mode, and switched back on if lambda runs away from target in a different climate? I've been using the included IAT correction values in the base map for my car which haven't changed from the old traditional G4 base map. I'm thinking this table shouldn't be on and it's been messing with my Lambda consistency 

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Correct, in modelled mode (or in traditional with charge temp estimation turned on) air temperature compensation based on the ideal gas law will be automatically applied.  IAT trim table should usually be off.   You may need to turn IAT trim on in some cases for instance if you need to compensate for a hot restart "heat soak" issue etc.


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Thanks Adam,


Must have missed that when reading through.


Unrelated, while I have you at the keyboard. The help file specifies Can-bus wiring 20-30mm between loops, But I have some nice shielded milspec stuff that has 10mm between loops, I've googled and googled and couldn't find any official specification other than long stubs are bad, twisted is good, twisted and shielded is better. What happens if your loops are closer than 20-30?

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