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Accel enrichment / leaning out whilst boost increases


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I've got a G4+ on an R32 gtr.

I see a delay in lambda meeting target on accels. Often in these instances I dont see any input from accel enrichment, but I do see it in other areas, harsher tip ins. I think because it gives a relatively low input, and 30% decay takes it out almost instantly. I just wondered if accel enrichement is even something I should be using to tackle this problem.

This is not a base set point error, the fuelling is perfect steady state, and I use a rpm vs tps with target lambda on boost.

What I'm after is knowing if I should be calibrating this function to fix the issue, if there is another way, and ideally, a log of where someone has used accel enrichment to better effect than me, say over a 1-2 second event on a turbocharged car.

For reference, the lambda controller is a innovate that's wired into the G4+. I have checked this against another controller steady state on dyno, but not transiently on road. 

Thanks in advance :) 




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It looks like it could do with more sensitivity since the first and third accel events in the above screenshot didnt get any enrichment, also maybe more hold.  Having said that dont rely on lambda too much for accel enrichment tuning, it will never sit dead on target.  Most tuners do it by "feel", until the crispest response is found.

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Ok thanks Adam.

Do you think this inhibits the signs of a MAP signal delay at all? Its the NGTR+ so MAP on the ECU board. Physically I think I could also do a better job of routing the pipe... but would you ever see an offset like this?

I have mapped TP vs engine speed with the target lambda filled out.


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