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Starting issue GTS4


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I'm new to all this, I had my mechanic/tuner help me install the ecu into my R32 GTS4 with an rb25det engine in it. Since install it won't start. RPM won't register either. I have included a file so i hope it helps somewhat.

If there is any troubleshooting i can do i will ASAP.

Thank you.

todd gts4 starting.llg

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Your log isnt very helpful as it is only 8 seconds of nothing, but a couple of things stand out that you need to look at:  IAT is reading 100°C so you should fix that or turn it off.  Battery voltage is only showing 7.1V so that needs to be fixed too.

Obviously its not going to run until the ecu sees RPM so this is the primary problem. 

FYI, I have just edited this post...  In your log there is no trigger 1 or 2 signal showing so we need find out what is causing that, It could be ecu settings or it could be wiring.  Can you attach a copy of your map so we can confirm settings are correct first.


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Hi Adamw,

I'm just using the base map provided. Sorry it wasn't longer i can make it as long as needed.
I will sort out turning off the IAT as soon as i can. 
It looks like when i am cranking the vehicle the software starts to say searching instead of online, so i think power might be the issue. (I didn't do the 25 conversion)


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Have you run through the first time startup guide in the help file? It looks like you havent and still need to calibrate a few things - specifically your MAP and BAP are 6 kpa apart when they should be nearly identical with the car off, and your tps shows 4.8% constantly, which seems unlikely on a mechanical throttle.

There are a whole lot of steps in there to check and calibrate all kinds of important settings before you can start it up.

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Like Adam said, make sure your battery is charged too as that's your first problem before you even get to calibrations etc. I'm a bit surprised your starter even cranks at 7.1v. If its cranking fine and a multimeter says ~12v across the battery, but your seeing this low of a voltage at the ecu, check that all power and ground feeds to the ecu are connected properly. 

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