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VVT Table Setup


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On my v10 Subaru the vvt table has a Y axis of throttle position.

The stock Subaru stuff is all load based and I've done some reading that the VE/Fuel Table Y axis and the VVT Y axis should match. In this case changing to MGP on the Y for VVT. Obviously this would require redoing the table maybe using some reference from stock Subaru or doing some calcs.

Is there a benefit to leaving it?

Benefit to changing it?

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I have found the tables to be fairly similar when changing between load types, in that it will want max advance around peak torque tailing off either side and at low load you can pull timing out with very little difference to power but some difference in fuel economy.

I would swap to MGP matching the load cells to ones that are present in both the fuel and ignition map and tune from there.


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