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Fuel Quality Sensor

Andy P

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I'm looking for a fuel quality sensor to feed into a Thunder

The car will run on E85 from the pumps which I believe to have a variable ethanol content 

It can be mounted in the swirl pot, on the FPR or in one of the fuel lines, i'm not sure which would be best 

Does anybody know of a suitable sensor, if it can also output fuel temp in addition to the ethanol content then I would prefer to use that as long as both are sufficiently accurate 

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As far as I know all of them will do temp and eth%.  I havent really heard anything about accuracy or reliability differences between the various OEM types/brands, I suspect they all perform similar.  We sell the GM Continental one: http://dealers.linkecu.com/ECS_2

Its best to fit in the supply line so that the temperature is most relevent to what is entering the fuel rail, but if flow might be restricted (say more than 1000HP), then the next best is to fit it in the return line.

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brilliant thankyou

looking at connecting the sensor, temp is sent on pule width, eth cont is sent on frequency, how does the ECU seperate the signals? and what type of ECU input does it need to feed into?


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