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RS-232 for aem wideband wiring


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Hi, I was asking myself if it’s possible to wire an aem wideband gauge to G4+ link extreme using RS-232? The fact is that the aem gauge I have only use 1 wire output signal to efi and the engine ground. So the ground can float as the ECU does not use engine ground to compare with analog input. I think as rs-232 is a bit transfer protocol it may be more reliable and give the ECU better AFR reading. I know that link extreme can be wire to use rs-232 so I do think that it’s doable. Does somebody already tried it?

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No our ECUs dont have a configurable serial input.  Analog or CAN are the only options you have for wideband.

Edit: I guess you could build a very basic serial to CAN converter if you were interested enough, but it would probably be easier to sell it and upgrade to a slightly newer AEM that has CAN bus.


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