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RB25 NEO using Non NEO Link.

Taco Bandit

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So, a little bit of a back story, I had a S1 RB25 and then it's ringlands blew. Everything for my swap is made for a RB25 S1, I just recently swapped in a RB25 NEO and now I am getting ready to fire her up. With that being said I should not have any problem running my Link ECU on my RB25 just as long as I load a RB25 NEO base map, correct? All the wiring to my new motor is connected the same way and the only thing that is changed is the motor itself. I am using my old wiring harness so my Link ECU is going to plug in just fine.


Any questions, comments and of the like are welcome! Thank you in advance!

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Should be no need to change maps if the vehicle is the same.

Do a complete system check before you run, so check every sensor and actuator works.

The only thing that may need wiring is the second air temp sensor.

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Sounds good. I was never able to get my last RB25 tuned with the LINK because while I was waiting for the ECU it started getting real bad blowby.


Thank you! I just wanted to make sure that my logic was correct. I am going to be road tuning this with the help of my friend so this is going to be a great learning experience.



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