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  1. Most likely valve float and the delay is the lifter bleeding down. That's if it's not an ECU setting.
  2. rrob

    Thunder wheel sensor

    Early R/S chassis rear wheel speed sensors bolt into the Z diff and work directly. I don't have a solution for the front though.
  3. Most piston engines seem to like 360-420 around idle, I ramp it up with engine speed also.
  4. R33 gts-t have a 2 speed fuel pump controller. You should be able to test the speed output with a multimeter, back probed the fuel pump wires on the tank lid. From memory its 9-10v on low speed and 12-13v on hi.
  5. Temp sensors need 0v/sensor ground not 5v.
  6. rrob

    Iat Inquiry

    I'd be looking into the injector dead times.
  7. Grab a set of r35 coils and bolt them in with a spacer and a longer bolt. Wiring is the same connector and pinout.
  8. Could the trigger disc be in upside down?
  9. You have 2 issues. First is the ecu does not control the starter motor in a s14. The ecu wont run when its locked.
  10. rrob

    Modelled fuel

    Those injectors have a dead time of .67-.68 ms at 14v.
  11. rrob

    Lambda/AFR problems

    Make sure you're on the latest firmware, there was a problem in a recent release. Its in the firmware notes.
  12. rrob

    the apprentice

    R34 GTT has a different connector. The 300zx ecu won't plug in.
  13. Blue wire/white trace is +. Comes in via the connector near the ecu, also powers idle control and narrow band 02.
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