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Dash 1.8 connection

Captain Proton

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Hello all,


This is my first post to the forum.  I purchased a G4+ Fury for my 2007 Ariel Atom (2.0 LSJ supercharged) and have just about got it all wired in (no patch harness available for this application) when I came upon a Bank Engineering 2 1/16 gauge called Dash 1.8 which uses CANBUS com for displaying/toggling through different screens of data outputted by the ECU.  The connection wires for the gauge include a hot, ground, CAN lo (green wire) and CAN hi (white wire).  On the Link output CAN wire, which wires are used?  


Oh, here's a pic of my Atom (AKA Captain Proton) for inspiration, lol.



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Yes, but as per the other thread you will be best to cut it down so that at least the RS232 wires are less than 200mm long.  Normally for a CAN device we recommend just the bare CANF plug so you then only connect the 2 CAN wires and nothing to the serial pins.

The "CANDASH" cable was made for our old discontinued "Displaylink" which could connect via CAN or serial via the same cable depending on what ECU the user was connecting too.


A link to the other thread for anyone else reading:


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