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G4 replacement ???


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Hi , 

I brought a gtr link ecu for my r32 gtr about 11 years ago . It cost a lot back then  .

A year later my Link G1 ( GTR link ) plug in was obsolete. 

Now  NOBODY wants to tune it ! ( hand controller only R33C chip), everyone says go buy a G4  ( they dont have to pay for).

My problem is that  as the G4 platform is about 10 years old now.


self tunning like the usa ecu,s. NO expenise dyno jockeys



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Note the G4 was discontinued around 2014, the current generation is G4+ and has only been around since about that time, it still has a few years in it yet but development will slow as the new generation gets closer and the G4+ runs out of hardware resources.  We are working on the next generation but it is still quite some time off, my guess would be something like 2 years before it is ready for public.

Maybe a more realistic question would be "what feature do you need that the current ecu cant do?"  The reason for continuous development is that new engines come out every year with new features added that the existing hardware was never designed to work with so we must continue to keep up with it.  Your engine is an old design and unlikely to change much so a lot of the new hardware features in the next generation are unlikely to be of huge benefit to you.   For instance over that last few years it has become common to see over 100degress of VVT camshaft movement and stuff like DC servo or CAN bus controlled variable valve lift, so this is the type of stuff that the existing hardware cant do.  Im sure as we get more powerful hardware there will be other nice software features and improvements made but these are usually "nice to have" rather than "must have".


14 hours ago, speedotech said:

self tunning like the usa ecu,s.

This is only on the very low end " carburettor replacement" style boxes.  The type of engines those go onto barely need to be tuned.  It is usually a cast iron 2V 9:1 compression, bathtub combustion chamber lemon that wont knock at 40deg on 91octane and will be happy with an AFR anywhere between 10:1 and 16:1.  I dont think I would be looking at that type of strategy for a GTR.

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