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Looking for someone to check my VQ30DET Config and Log


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Hi Fella's


I'm hoping people with experience in the forum might be able to have a look over my log and ecu config file. Current spec's :

  • Nissan Y34 Gloria
  • VQ30DET - Internally Standard
  • GTW3884 67mm .82ar
  • Bosch modified 1000CC injectors (Dead time chart attached)
  • Link Thunder

The setup has been running fairly well. I have run into a couple of issues with configuring the injector dead times and also the fly by wire throttle. On throttle back-off the butterfly plate oscillates rapidly. Unfortunately I was unable to capture this in the attached log.

Any input would be very appreciated! I'm working my way through the HPA tuning course and would really like to do all the tuning myself.


Y34 Gloria Id1000 Gtw3884.pclr

Deadtime BSS1000L.xlsx

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Your deadtimes look ok assuming you are running 43.5psi fuel press.

The oscillating throttle is most likely the PID not quite right.  I can see in the log a little oscillation when you snap closed.  If you are not confident with your PID tuning then you could try the values from our 2 different 350Z base maps and see if they behave any better. 

For tuning E-throttle I find a time plot similar to below running live is the easiest way to see how it is responding.  You can set the E-throttle to run when stalled so you dont need the engine running to play with it.  You can see the oscillation in your TP main when the throttle is near closed is this example.  It is normal to have a slight undershoot in this area but yours is too much and could become unstable.



FYI, here's the settings from our Auto 350Z base map:



And the manual basemap:


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Thank you @Adamw for having a look over this! It's taking me some time to get my head around the software. I've managed to get the Throttle to behave itself now and is no longer fluttering when the butterfly is closed. 

I'm in the process of changing over to a Modelled fuel map but the figures in the map are up in the 80's at idle, the injectors I have are advertised as 1015 at 43.5 PSI and were supplied with deadtimes. The engine setup is difficult to get a gauge on the fuel system but that will be my next option. Fitting an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator with a gauge fed into the Link. Is it normal to see figures that high? Would you happen to have a VE and ignition map for a VQ30?

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6 minutes ago, Drexal said:

I'm in the process of changing over to a Modelled fuel map but the figures in the map are up in the 80's

Typically I would see around 50-65% around the idle area.  Obviously there are many factors that will affect that but 80% suggests something is off.  Usually a bigger than realistic VE number would indicate the engine is receiving less fuel than the ECU thinks.  Commonly that is fuel pressure or injector flow related but there are so many inputs into the modelled mode it could be any one of those.  Lambda sensor calibration, fuel property settings, MAP sensor calibration, injector settings etc.  If VE is only unrealistically large at idle but comes right with more load then you would say it is dead times/short PW related.  If it goes unrealistically high at high loads then usually that means fuel press is dropping away.  If it is high under all conditions then it is one of the basic flow rate/pressure/property settings.

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