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Redtop Beams turbo swap & setting up

Mario Consiglieri

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Hello everyone. Im looking for info relating to engine management and wiring options for a 3sge beams turbo setup going in to an '88 celica hatchback (5spd/fwd).

Currently the build is at the stage where I am routing the intercooler pipes, and I am wondering if when using Link ECU's optimal parameters are found using IAT, MAF, MAP, to configure temperature and load curves. Does this make sense that having more data to extrapolate against relative maps from additional inputs/sensors on the intake system, safeguards a high output/well engineered system?

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Yes additional sensors and data help.

You do not need the MAF unless you really just want to monitor it.  Car will run just fine with the IAT and MAP.

Sensors that I like to feed to the ecu for better control and protection are: Oil temp, oil pressure, fuel pressure, ethanol content, and fuel temperature.

An ethanol content sensor will do both content and pressure.

There are pressure sensors that will do pressure and temp also.

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MAF can be useful for VVT tuning - especitally if you're going to street tune it.  its one of the few ways you can measure engine efficiency when configuring your VVT targets without having a dyno where you can actually measure the few % points you might gain at each RPM. Even with a dyno its still probably quicker because you dont need to fully tune at each cam angle to measure the HP output - you only need to see the airiflow. You dont use MAF in any of the tuned tables so it doesnt actually matter if its properly cailibrated either, but if you log it and compare runs between different cam positions (say fixed at every 10deg) you can overlay the graphs in excel or something and work out a reasonably optimum cam angle that gives you most airflow (so best VE) at each rpm. 

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