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Idle status?? WTF?


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Finding it very difficult to understand the idle status. Seems to be very random.

Also wondering why DC takes a while to drop when shifting from in gear to neutral/park? Gains are almost max'd out, but still seems to be very slow to respond. Going from N/P to in gear is fine, DC jumps straight up.

Kind of annoying shifting into neutral or park and having rpm jump to over 1200, but not every time, so it's hard to correct for it. Sometimes DC will be held over 40% when returning to idle control state, other times DC is at minimum clamp.


Any suggestions?


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Yes the idle status parameter has a bug in the current firmware. It doesn’t effect the way anything works, just the logged value is wrong. From memory when you exceed your speed lockout the status parameter somehow becomes related to speed.  

If you can post the actual log and tune files I will take a look and possibly make some suggestions.

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Cheers Adamw

Tune and log attached. 

The tune has been slightly modified since that log, but the ECU decided it didn't want to log today so that will have to do. The 4D ignition table is a recent experimental addition to pull rpm down for better engine braking against the torque converter, but doesn't affect idle any differently with or without it.


ECU Log 2018-05-22 8;26;03 pm.llg

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