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Miata mx5 pnp install help


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I just ordered up my Miata MX-5 PNP and I’m a little confused by the installation instructions. It says that the 1600cc doesn’t have a tps and I would have to add one but I do have a tps. I have a 1990 miata 1.6 and it has a t25 turbo. Any of you turbo Miata people running this ECU and how did you delete MAF and run tps?

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As far as I know the manual transmission 1.6 Miata doesn't have a proper variable throttle position sensor, it just has an on/off switch.  I believe the automatic models do have a proper variable TPS (but completely different throttle body).  So if yours is a big square box looking thing with 3 pins then it is most likely a switch type and will need to be changed.

Note it is highly recommended to change to a variable TPS but you can still run without it in a pinch.  You will have to change accel enrichment to use MAP instead of TPS and things like idle control, launch control and rev limits wont be as configurable without TPS but it will still run.

If you google "1.6 Miata variable TPS" you will find kits for sale if its not something you can do yourself.  The common option seems to be a E36 BMW sensor and either a 3D printed or CNC bracket




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