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ECCS SYNC not working


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Please help

Just trying to do basic setups for an s15 silvia before tune. When testing ECCS widest slot the ECU will go offline while cranking and under runtime values i dont get any results. No errors or signals 

Thanks Ryan

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Hi Ryan,

The ECU going offline would indicate a wiring problem or possibly battery voltage is dropping very low.  Since the widest slot measurement is already known for this engine you dont actually need to do the widest slot test - you can just enter this figure manually.  To do this you need to set the "Test ECCS sync" to on so that the widest slot setting is unlocked.  You can then type in 16deg for the widest slot and hit enter.  Set the "Test ECCS sync" back to off.

Now you just need to fix the reason for the ECU going offline...  Does it go offline everytime?  Is the battery in reasonable shape and is it cranking at reasonable speed?  Anything added to the wiring like an alarm or immobaliser etc?  

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Thanks. I just needed to interpret the warning properly. It says in the case of an ecu reset. Perform a store and then set to off and reset. It worked once i did that right and your right it ended up at 16. Thanks for your help

Restore i should say

Is there any know wiring issues for power to the s15 plugin.

Cant set base timing because ecu goes offline when cranking. We have battery jump pack and this vehicles wiring is untouched. Ran fine 2 days ago on original ecu.

Maybe immobilizer

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