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1993 fd3s rx7 g4+ plugin - xs loom help


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the green should be sensor gnd the red low current 5v or ign 8, ign 7 depending on which expansion connector you use but neither connector has all the inputs/outputs you need  as you seem to need 3 analog inputs and 1 aux output and neither connector has that combination so potentially you need 2 connectors


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The Expansion on this particular ECU is quite restrictive.  Your oil and fuel pressure sensors can connect to Volt 5 & 6 on the expansion, as well as take the 5V and ground from there.  The boost solenoid can just be connected to the wires that controlled the original boost solenoid (Aux 1, pin 3).  For the analog wideband probably the easiest would be to connect to the original narrowband wire (Volt 4, pin 37).


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