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Cam trigger set up for BMW M44

Euen Burke

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Having sorted the M42 and the M44 bottom end with an M42 head, the time has come to set up a "pure" M44.  The M44 differs from the M42 in that the M42 has a single pole cam trigger with the reluctance cam sensor on the exhaust cam where the M44 has a Hall sensor on the inlet cam providing 4 pulses of different durations across the cam rotation (2 crank rotations). Crank trigger is 60-2. Attached images show the cam pulses against the 2 crank rotations.

Current plan is to install a G4+ Atom.

Is there any benefit in trying to utilise all the cam pulses or alternatively does the Link provide the ability to mask the unnecessary pulses, retaining one as the primary trigger.


M44 timing 1.jpg

M44 timing 2.jpg

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Notice where the crank missing teeth are, on one revolution the cam signal is "high", on the next revolution where the missing teeth are the cam signal is "low".  This is what we call a "cam level" sync.  Assuming there is no vanos then the below settings should work.  If you do have vanos then probably one of the Holden Alloytec modes will work.

Also, In your scope capture above the waveform doesnt look very nice through the gap although it could just be the time base setting you used.



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