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GDI pump set up parameters


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I now have my Subaru E=throttle up and running, but I am having serious trouble setting up my Bosch HDP5 high pressure pump.  I manufactured my own 3 lobe drive cam having a 5mm stroke to a Bosch pattern.  Any suggestions for starting settings would be most welcome.  Currently I have next to zero common rail pressure showing.

I have attached a base map and  log file for reference.

GDI basemap.pclr

GDI log.llg

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I see a couple of things you will need to fix. 

  1. In your log the DI target fuel rail pressure is sitting at zero (so ECU is commanding 0 pressure).  I think this is because you have turned off both axes on your DI Target pressure table.  I suggest you start by setting this up similar to the VW Golf base map - just 2D with RPM on one axis.  Put some realistic fuel pressure numbers in there - you will probably find some guidelines in your factory service manual.
  2. Same problem with your GDI pump compensation table, you have turned off both axes.  I suggest you make this 2D similar to above but just populate the table with zeros so no compensation is applied initially.
  3. Pump calibration table needs to be filled out correctly, yours has all zeros at present.  To do this you need to measure piston lift Vs crank rotation as per the help file.
  4. This one is not relevant to your rail rail pressure problem, but your injector settings wont work either, you have the peak duration set to zero.  If you cannot get this info by measuring an OEM setup then you could try the VW Golf settings but be aware you can damage the injector if you give it too much current/voltage for too long.



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